How to Lock a Netflix Profile

Netflix has enabled a new feature that lets you lock your Netflix profile. This will come super handy when you are using a multi-user account that you are sharing with your friends. Nobody could actually see what you are watching these days if it’s protected.

How to Lock a Netflix Profile?

Open Netflix in the browser. Tap on the top right corner for the menu.

Tap Account.

In the Account Settings, scroll down to see the Profile & Parental Controls.

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Choose the profile you want to lock and tap on the arrow as seen above.

Click Change on the Profile Lock section.

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To enable Profile Lock, you will have to enter the Netflix’s password.

After enabling using the password, enable the option Require a PIN to access Lynn’s profile.

Enter a 4 digit pin and click on Save.

After setting up the pin, when you login, you can see the locked sign below your account as you can see below.

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When you access your profile you will be asked to enter the 4 digit pin.