How to use AirDrop to transfer files from iPhone to Mac?

We can’t dismiss the reality that AirDrop is one of the best features of the whole Apple EcoSystem. It easily allows you to transfer files between Apple devices. Airdrop is super easy to use and its supported to be used by developers on their apps.

Airdrop using the wi-fi’s radio signal for an encrypted peer-to-peer connection between the devices. Bluetooth senses the nearby Apple devices and lets you transfer files. Airdrop is super easy to use and it doesn’t have any upper size limit.

How to use AirDrop to transfer files from iPhone to Mac?

Open any file in any app (documents, images etc.,). Tap on the share button.

The Share button is at the bottom left as you can see in the top image.

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Choose Share in the list.

In the window that appears, the list of all the apple devices eligible for Airdrop appears at the top. In the above image, the Macbook pro Appears.

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Tap on it. It will wait for confirmation to receive from the Macbook.

To Receive the file. Open Finder in the macOS.

Chose AirDrop from the side bar. Tap on the Lynn Joseph iPhone. This will work only if the Wifi/Bluetooth is enabled in both the devices. Make sure of that before trying this whole endeavour.

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The file will automatically start download and save in the Downloads Folder.