Is there any upload your own Books App?

Yes, there is and its from the tech giant, Google. Play Store which is the digital marketplace for Google’s Android operating system. Play Store has a section that Books which is dedicated to purchasing/streaming e-books and audiobooks. It also allows users to upload their own personal books as well. So, Play Books is not a dedicated app for uploading your own books but it’s an e-book reader with an additional option to upload your own books.

So, how to use upload your own books app?

Download Play Books from the Play Store or App Store. It’s available for both Android & iOS.

But, to upload the files, you will have to log on to Play Books using a web browser.

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Go to Login with your Gmail account.

This will show all the books that you have purchased so far from the Google Play Store.

To upload books, click on Upload Files on the top right corner.

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In the window that appears, upload your books there. It supports most of the formats. After that, you could see the uploaded books in the library.

After that, you could open the Play Books app in your phone or even read the book in the Browser.